Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wildlife Is Everywhere!

Wildlife is Everywhere!
Today children made observations and understood that wildlife is all around us. We discussed the differences between wild and domestic animals. Our goal was to find as much wildlife or wildlife signs as we could and record it in our Nature Journals. We split into 2 groups and we both found immediate signs of wildlife all around us. We found skunk scat, grasshoppers, a dragonfly, lots of insects, spiderwebs, claw marks and much more. 

What's this?
Many people think of wildlife as the large animals of Africa, such as lions and elephants, or the large animals of the North American forests, such as grizzly bears and elk. However, wildlife includes any animal that has not been domesticated by people.

In contrast to domesticated animals such as farm animals and pets, which depend on people for their needs, wild animals provide for their own food, water, shelter and other needs. Although plants can also be categorized as wild or domesticated, only wild animals are called wildlife.

Wildlife includes worms, snails, insects, spiders and other invertebrates (animals without a backbone), and vertebrates including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Wildlife also includes very small animals that can be seen only through a microscope.

Wildlife is everywhere-on land, in soil, in water, and in the air. Even in the cleanest houses and buildings.

Recording the wildlife signs in our Nature Journals

Animal Signs

For today's snack we made homemade Trail Mix. Looking for wildlife often means taking along your own food and water. Trail mix is easy to carry and is also nutritious. We made ours with almonds, peanuts, chocolate chips and pretzels.

Cool off time! It's a hot week!

Float or Sink?

Sink or Float?

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