Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's Wild?

Today's activity was designed to help children distinguish between animals that are wild and animals that are not wild (or tame). A wild animal can take care of itself and survive on its own without depending on people as long as it has a suitable habitat in which to live. It gets all the food, water and shelter it needs from its habitat. In contrast, animals that are not wild depend on people for food, water, shelter, and other needs.

On our hunt today we found more wild animal signs than domestic animals. We heard (or saw) eight different birds, one duck, four frogs, water bugs, a chipmunk and came back to camp to find a fawn in our backyard! We also came across chickens horses and pigs. 


For our wild snack today we made cookies from scratch! Everyone helped measure and mix the ingredients. Before we put them into the oven we formed the dough into wild creatures.


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