Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Impressions

What a great first day! Today, children discussed how they think and feel about various New Hampshire animals. Our focus was to discuss different people's responses to different animals and to provide accurate information to promote more positive feelings.

One misunderstood creature we learned about today was a snake. Did you know the benefits of a Garter Snake? They are quite welcomed by many gardeners (often mistakenly called a Gardener Snake). They eat insects, frogs, toads and small rodents that may be destructive to your garden, landscape or household. Although we looked real hard, we were unable to find a live snake.

We spent most of the day exploring our back yard trail called "Deer Highway" to find the perfect deer habitat. We found sufficient food, water, shelter and space.

We also spent our day catching moths, dragonflies, crickets and grasshoppers. We were wondering why we only saw two butterflies, but saw hundreds of white moths.

Once inside, we made a misunderstood creatures using pizza dough and used raisins for eyes. Children's creatures included snakes, turtles and salamanders.

Thank you to all my explorers today! I had a great time discovering with you all!

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