Friday, August 1, 2014

Seed Need

Collecting Seeds
For our last day of Growing Up WILD, each WILD CHILD explored how animals spread seeds in nature. We each put a sock over our shoes and went walking through grassy areas and fields that had many seed bearing plants.

Stephanie & Crew collecting seeds with their socks
After the walk, we took off the socks to examine and found all kinds of seeds and particles. We realized that our socks acted just like animal fur. The seeds can stick to an animal and then later fall off onto the ground and grow another plant in a different location. As we looked into the yard and the woods, we were wondering if this is how all of those plants and trees were planted.

Seeds, Seeds....
Plants grow in nearly every environment on earth and serve as food for people and many animals.

In the wild, animals help in the process of seed distribution (dispersal) in a variety of ways. Some seeds have little barbs or hooks that catch on an animal's body as it passes by. Later, grooming or brushing up against an object will knock the seed off in a new location. Many plants have developed brightly colored, flavorful fruit as a means of attracting animals. Fruit-eating animals, including many birds and mammals, pass hard to digest seeds out of their bodies in their "poop", called scat. Animals may also loosen seed heads or drop acorns and other seeds to the ground as they are feeding. The seeds can then float in the air or roll to a new location. Squirrels and many jays are famous for burying "nuts" to eat at a later time. When they lose track of their hidden treasures, seeds are dispersed. If dispersed seeds get enough water, nutrients and sunlight, new plants may grow in many new locations.

...where are the seeds?

Found one in my ear!

Isn't this the best?!

Thank you to all of the families who supported our curriculum. I hope your children had a wonderful time learning about the outdoors. I hope to see many of you next year! See you soon!

Hooray For Growing Up WILD!

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